nursing school grad rates?

  1. At the college I am planning on attending the graduation rate is only about 50% while the state board pass rates are 99% I was just wondering is this normal? It seems that the instructors just like to weed out students. I have been told they are horrible instructors but on the other hand I have been told that they are great.Im just wondering are nursing schools like this everywhere.

    PS I am so excited about starting nursing school. Im really not worried just wondering if this is normal.
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  3. by   essarge
    That is about the same as it is in our school. Although it is not the instructor's that weed out the student's, the student's do this themselves by not studying, not listening to instructions etc. etc. People that attend nursing school don't realize that it is not like any other major they have ever seen. It is very intense and you almost have to give up any other aspect of life you have while you attend. If you start college and expect it to be partying and fun and games, you will not make it! It is not for the faint at heart, or those that think the world owes them. You have to be there to learn and want to learn. I have heard people say they have the "calling" and I totally agree. Nursing isn't something that you can just do, you almost have to have a natural instinct for it. The ones that don't have it are usually the ones that get weeded out. Hope this helps!
  4. by   Koryp
    In my area this is the norm. I recently graduated from a BSN program in Lafayette, LA. I don't know how many students began college the same year I did with nursing as their major,but I would guess that the number was around 400. By the time we reached our first clinical course we had 95. The next semester saw our number down to 60. At graduation we had 52. 6 of these students joined us along the way by either repeating a clinical course or Rn to BSN stundents. Our school has routinely had a 99% NCLEX pass rate. I think you've got the weeding out part right. I'm not trying to discourage you. Nursing is very rewarding and if you commit yourself you will do fine in school. The key is not getting distracted. I loved my instuctors, but they were not the ones responsible for my passing or failing. Keep focused and study hard.
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  5. by   mcg02
    Here in Atlanta ,ost of the hospitals are starting out new grads at about 15-17/hour plus diff and all those other goodies
  6. by   janine3&5
    Those numbers sound about right- from our original class of 65, there were 29 of us who graduated on schedule. We picked up about 20 other students who were repeating various nursing courses. Our rates for passing boards are supposed to be 99%.
    I can't say that the instructors weeded out anyone. While the requirements for the program were very tough, they were also very clearly defined for us at the beginning of the program. An instructor can't fail you unless you are not meeting the requirements.