Nursing Dilemma!!!

  1. Hey guys, I just finished my first year at York University majoring in Sociology and passed all of my courses with 7.88, but now I want to become an RN.. I have read a lot of forums about nursing programs in Toronto and heard a lot of good things about Humber/UNB and Ryerson programs, so I want to get in those schools.. but I don't know if I should just fulfill the requirements for the 2nd entry nursing at York U and UofT or just start from scratch at Humber/UNB or Ryerson next year..

    I want to finish school as soon as I can, but at the same time I want to have a thorough and enjoyable time studying nursing.. I cant apply to any 4yr BScN/ BN programs anymore as the deadline has passed.. But I can still apply to Practical Nursing programs.. then after I could enrol to RN..

    Help me!!! I've never been so confused in my life!!!
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