Nursing diagnosis

  1. I am trying to write a nursing diagnosis on someone who is at risk for heart disease due to gender, heredity and diet.

    I had the "needs" diagnosis system in college and at work we use Virginia Henderson, which won't work.

    I need a clear diagnosis, for my university paper.

    I have a book on dx, but there aren't risks for heart disease.

    I rarely construct these dx, so it has been a while.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   michw2
    Health seeking behaviors (specify)
    definition; A state in which an individal in stable health is actively seeking ways to alter personal health habits and/or the enviornment in order to move toward a higher level of health.

    Or you can use Knowledge deficit (learning need specify)

    These are both from NANDA hope this helps.
  4. by   VioletX
    maybe something like ...

    Knowledge deficit (heart disease) r/t diet, heredity ??


    Risk for heart disease r/t diet, heredity, etc.

    Its been a while but those are the first things that popped in my mind