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    I have to do a hospital clinical on tomorrow. I have to do a careplan for tomorrow. The problem is that I cannot come up with a dx from which to do my carepplan. The dx are Staphylococcal sepsis, sensorium, and possible CVA vs subdural. If you can be of any help please contact me on this board or at

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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Sensorium is a Dx????? Must be some kind of problem with sensorium......

    How about these just for examples:

    alteration in consciousness, potential for, R/T CVA or subdural
    alteration in safety, potential for, R/T same as above (you can ALWAYS do possible alteration in safety just by reason of being in hospital!)
    physical mobility impairment (?) R/T hospitalization or sickness or whatever
    Knowledge deficit R/T medical regimen, etc., etc.

    Good luck. I remember sitting up until 0200 doing these care plans, etc. when I was in school