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Here is another music video along the same lines as the Study Back one that was so cute...this one is by some nursing students: YouTube - Nursing Back It is kinda cute, huh?;)... Read More

  1. by   livesay
    Thats great! Now i will hear those words when i hear that
  2. by   Peachy720
    Those are two that I've put to favorites in the past. So motivating!!

    Erm, so this is one of my faves as well.

  3. by   CRIMSON
    oK, fast fwd thru 1st couple secs of talking and watch the "nursing back video".

    Too funny.

  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Cute! Their outfits are exactly like the ones in my old nursing program. I hope they put their hair up for clinicals, though. Plus, I don't know how accurate that "you'll make at least $60,000." Not where I live!

    Here's a video for the cardiac nurses-

    And ER nurses-
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  5. by   ebear
    I LOVE the ER one!!!! Do you know of any O.R. ones?
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from ebear
    I LOVE the ER one!!!! Do you know of any O.R. ones?

    Nope. That ER are video was made by the actual nurses who work al UAB ER- they did it for Nurses' Week a couple of years back.
  7. by   AlishiaRN77
    Those were hysterical!! Thank you for posting them!
  8. by   sirI
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  9. by   2ndcareerchange
    have you seen this video on U tube??? its really cute

    I dont know the link, but its called nursing back. its nursing students doing a video promoting going to nursing school... its really cute

  10. by   ashleyisawesome
    lol.. that was rediculous.
  11. by   2ndcareerchange

    heres the link for the video, i think its done by the decker school of nursing students, not really for the school but for nursing in general.

  12. by   sirI
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