Nurse's Assistant ???

  1. Is there such a position ? I am going to school to become an RN. I would like to get into an entry level position (employee), involved with nursing. Any Ideas ?

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    I had the same question a few months ago as I am going into nursing too! Many hospitals, nursing homes, etc. will train you to be a nurse's assistant and hire you once you are fully trained. The pay isn't great, but the experience may be very beneficial!

    To start, call your local hospital's human resources department and explain your situation - they may be able to hire you for a nurse's assistant position or point you in another direction. Keep in mind that not all "clinical" positions require a degree or formal training. I am currently working as an endoscopy tech at a large hospital. I assist the doctors and nurses during endoscopic procedures... and am learning SO MUCH!

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for the information. It sounds interesting.
  5. by   Genista
    Hi Pete-
    Another place to look for information is at your local community college. Many junior colleges offer a nurses aid course, after which you can take an exam to become a certified nurse assistant (CNA). You will probably find employment easier w/ a CNA cert. than just training to be nurse aid. Job descriptions of CNAs vary greatly depending on setting & facility. For example, where I work (medical telemetry unit at hospital)CNAs take vital signs (temp, pulse, respirations, blood pressure), take blood sugars (on diabetics), help w/pt's bathing & bathroom needs, help with activity, and do EKGs.Pay varies from state to state. I'm not sure what the going rate is in Florida. But hospital CNAs tend to have higher wages than those who work skilled nursing or nursing homes. If you like working more one on one, you can also consider working as a home health aid (HHA).Some junior colleges offer dual CNA/HHA classes. You can also check w/ your local American Red Cross Chapter, to see if they offer CNA classes.

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    Hey Pete!
    I just finished nursing school; I worked as a nurse intern almost all the way through school. The hospital's only requirements for the job were that I had to be enrolled in a nursing program and have completed my first semester of school. Most of the students in my class did this, and all of the hospitals in my area of FL have programs like this.
    You pretty much function as a nurse's aide, doing VS, blood draws, EKGs, daily care, etc. I learned so much, I can't imagine not having this experience. The pay's not too bad, especially considering all the experience you're getting, as well as your foot in the door in an area you're interested in.
    There are other positions you can be trained for too, like EKG tech, unit clerk, admissions, etc. Definitely go for a hospital job, just putting yourself in that environment will make you much more comfortable in clinicals and give you a lot of confidence. Good luck to you!
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    Thanks to you guys, I have learned so much, and also am in the process on getting my certification as a CNA.

    Any opinion on a CNA in the ER ???

    Thanks in Advance.........