Nurse Externships Nashville, TN (or in Georgia)

  1. I am a BSN Emory student in Atlanta looking for summer nurse externships in Nashville, TN. The only one I have found is through Vanderbilt. Any others out there? Also, wouldnt hurt to get any information on good/bad externships offered in GA.

    Also, any advice on how to apply, find a good one, etc? I'm a Junior student and JUST learned that externs existed!

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  3. by   wkucu1
    Hello there avalanche! Hope you are having a Happy Holiday Season! I live here in good 'ole Nashville and work at VCH (Vanderbilt Childrens Hosp). I am gettign ready to start my last semester of Nursing school Jan 09!!! I know Vandy has externships. I believe St. Thomas does as well. St. Thomas is known for cardiac care. I have done two clinicals there and liked it as well. I don't know much about Vanderbilt Meidcal Center, but I know it is great. Let me know if you have any questions about VCH. It is a great place and will only be 3 years old in Feb!