Nurse 2 B - Where do you begin?

  1. Hello Everyone-
    I am 24 yrs old and have been contemplating the area of medical that I wished to pursue a career in. I have recently decided that Nursing is the route. However, I am the type of person who is very determined and ambitious. Sometimes too much..
    What courses does one begin to take?
    I know that I would like to be a LPN. I would also like to pursue fellowships and internships that will give me the experience I need to go where I really want which is in the ER.
    If anyone has "been there done that" already or is in route, could you be so kind as to share with me your steps and the requirements. (i.e Bachelor's etc..)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was very happy to find this site, and to take note on discussions on the shortage of nurses. I am happy that my desire to be one will help.

    Nurse 2B in NY
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  3. by   Miss Mollie
    I recommend you call your local community college and talk about enrollment into the LPN or ADN (RN) program. In addition, it would be a good idea to work as a Certified Nurse Aide to see how you like workign with sick people. You can get a Nurse Aide class at your community college, or sometimes hospitals or nursing homes give them for free if you agree to work there after.
    If you really want ER (and I can tell you from experience in an enormous level one trauma center, it is not like the TV show ER), you will probably want to persue an RN degree rather than an LPN degree- but some people have gotten their LPN, and worked as an LPN while getting the RN degree, and have learned a lot by doing it that way.
    I would also suggest you shadow a nurse for a shift or two at a local hospital and talk to them about their jobs, see what they like and do not like.

    The best way to get started is to call the local community college, make an appointment with a career advisor- that person will help you choose classes to get you started and help you design a plan to reach your goals. Good Luck!
  4. by   Elenaster
    Nurse 2 Be,
    If you truly desire to work in the ER, you should get some experience working in one as a CNA. I work in a Level I Trauma Center as a Nursing Care Technician. It has been great experience for me while I'm in school.
    I don't know how it is in NY, but here we don't have LPNs in the ER. There are just way too many IV meds, blood to give,etc. and the acuity is usually very high. You could get your LPN and gain some experience working on a telemetry or neuro floor while getting your ADN or BSN. If you work in a university hospital, they will most likely fund your education, at least in part. Working on the floor will better prepare you for working in a busy Emergency Dept. Our ED hires new grads, but we lose as many as we keep and when they get off of orientation, they are usually overwhelmed. From what I've seen, I do not want to start out in the ED when I graduate, even though I love it. I hope this helps! Good luck to you!