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  1. Well, no news yet. Maybe no news is good news, eh? We got back from Busch Gardens yesterday. I called the board of nursing daily--they have an automated number. There was nothing on file for my SS#. So, I wait. I did speak to the DON's secretary at the hospital where I've been hired. They are also checking the website to see if I (as well as the others they hired) passed. She told me that it usually takes 2 weeks before new grads hear anything. I did really good while I was away from home. I rode all kinds of crazy and exciting rides and ate tons of good food and walked until I thought my legs were going to fall off--in other words, I kept busy. But now that I'm home, it's on my mind. Of course, all my family and friends know I'm home and they're calling me asking me if I've heard. Just more reminders. One of the girls in my class made the appointment to take the boards in secret from her family and friends--that way no one would be bugging her. I should have done the same thing. On a brighter note, I am thinking about the experience more positively now. I spoke with my teacher who agreed that no one that she has ever known to only have 75 questions has failed. She says the computer wants you to pass. 75 is the minimum questions and 265 is the max. Unless I totally fudged the whole thing, I'm thinking I passed. And I was an above average student while in school so I must have learned SOMETHING. (See, positive thinking. . .)

    I was in an ADN program--how about some of you?

    Take care. Kitty
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