No longer afriad of needles

  1. During my clinical at a nursing home, I gave the flu shot to 4 of my patients. But I hate needles and had to fake confidence. So, along with about 12 other students, I volunteered at the public health department to give flu shots for the city. We could only do adults, but that was fine by me. All in all, I gave 53 flu shots, including one of the director of the nursing program at my school (who said it was flawless) and to a former nursing instructor. I noticed that after number 20, I was "going through the motions." I knew what to do and what to ask. So, I just had tio brag a little bit, even though I know 53 injections isn't that many in the grnad scheme of nursing school. Finally though, I have no fear with IM injections!!!
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  3. by   truern
    Your "joy" is contagious!!

    Congratulations on crossing a huge hurdle!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Hey, I think that sounds like an AWESOME opportunity, and you worked it girl!

    I would think giving an injection over and over again like you did would be a great way to learn how to give a shot good.