Next is Chemistry, Oh No!!!

  1. Hi everybody and Merry Christmas! We all must enjoy the next few weeks off before next semester. I registered for my other pre req for the ADN program. Intro. to Chemistry. Ok, who out there can give me some tips, but first of all I been hearing horror stories of how hard this class is. One student told me that by mid term they lost half of their class and she was just praying for a C. This scares me so. Anyways, if anybody can give me some tips and also what their experiences were it would help me oh so much. Thanks! Peggy8

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  3. by   KR
    Hi there. This past semester I had to take Biological Chemistry as part of my curriculum for my two year ASN program. I was really scared because chemistry is not my thing at all. I found out that the first month or so was a review from what I had in high school. After that it got a little tougher, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. My advice is just to stay organized and on top of the reading. Best of luck to ya!
  4. by   Monika
    Hi there,
    I just wanted to give my 2 cents on your upcoming CHEM course(s). I have just completed CHEM II, and the best advice I have to give you is to work problems, problems, and more problems!
    I usually like to be able to read chapters and understand the topics covered. This strategy is important in chemistry, but reading will NOT be enough. Since it is such a quantitative subject it is really based on solving problems. So do your reading (don't get behind), stay organized, and work tons of problems off old exams (if available), and you will be fine.
    Good luck and happy holidays everyone.


    "Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."-Hannah Moore
  5. by   Peggy8
    Thanks Monica...Now I feel somewhat better. So practice does make perfect, huh? I will take your tip and put it to the test in January. Thanks again!
  6. by   Agnus
    Talk to your instructor. I don't know why students do not use this resource. It's seems like we reguard the instructor as the enemy or something. But believe me this is your best resource. Don't worry about the horror stories. Gazillions of us have taken chemistry and done well. Forget about the horror stories. More have suceeded than failed. Remember everyone loves to tell what tough obstacle they over came, and those who don't love to explain the reason they did not do well was because the obstacle was huge. Other's have gone before and done well. Remember that.
  7. by   Peggy8
    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone is studying hard...I sure am...remember I wrote "Next Chemistry, Oh no!...Well, I just wanted to report I am doing very well...I am holding an A and classes will be over May 1st...I just wanted to drop a few lines to tell everyone I am doing okay and I am making it....Just in case there are others out there that have to take Chemistry and scared to death like I was....If you are out there and need support and some tips on how to get through it, you are welcome to e mail me...I am by no means an expert but I was an expert at being scared out of my mind...and oh by the way I am an older student and this is proof that my brain cells are better than they were 15 yrs ago when I first started this all....see ya, Peggy8
  8. by   jlb
    I am so glad that you posted a follow up!

    Would you believe that I am encountering AD and diploma nurses that decline to return to school for a BSN solely because of the chemistry requirement!? Sadly, they give up before they try.

    (Personally, I believe that chemistry is a "piece of cake" compared to nursing classes!)

  9. by   Peggy8
    In reply to chemistry being a piece of cake compared to nursing are a hundred percent correct...Pleeeese, do not let Chemistry scare you off....I was very frightened and I ended up with an A...I never had it in high school either...I am also an older student, too....So let my experience give anybody who is afraid of chemistry to go for can do it, believe me if I did it, you can...that's all I have to say...peggy8
  10. by   NurseRachet
    Hello - oh the memories of my chemistry classes:-) Just study and do the problems as they are assigned. I do not see any reason for nurses to take the general chemistry classes, but rather they should focus on the human elements and how they impact different disorders. What usually happens is they clumped us together with science majors. This makes it really tough for us nurses. By the way, I have been a nurse for 30 years and I still do not see any reason for us to take all the chemistry classes. Good luck!
  11. by   Julie, RN
    Oh My!
    I hope nurses are not that scared of chemistry as to avoid furthering their education and profession.
    Indeed, if one is able to make it through nursing school, one can definately make it through chemistry.
    What I'm hearing is a possible lack of confidence. Come on you nurses! Be proud that you made it through one of the harder degree programs in colleges today!
    I had to take 3 semesters of chemistry for my nursing degree. I feel that the study guides I used to practice the math questions was the most helpful. Another helpful thing is to have CONFIDENCE in yourself - you must beleive in yourself! I once heard the best investment someone can make is in themselves, so why not further your education? Just believe in yourself - this is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself!
    Good Luck to all!
  12. by   ltm
    i will have to agree with the general concensus on this topic, chemistry is a breeze compared to nursing courses. i may be a little biased since i have a BS in both chemistry and nursing, but it is very straight forward. it is just like any other subject, if you do your readings and homework, you will be just fine. best of luck in all of you other studies.