New Grad Programs

  1. Hey Everybody. I'm new to the site and I love it! So much great information. I wanted to get some opinions of what people thought of new grad programs (internship,residency,fellowship-whatever they may be called). Do you think it's beneficial to do a program like this? If you've done one what do you think are the advantages? Or disadvantages? Thanks!
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  3. by   Jilaweez
    I am just finishing up my first semester of NS so I don't really have an opinion but I am interested to hear feedback as well. I know of a few hospitals in my area that offer this and I would think it would be especially beneficial if you are not sure what area you might want to work on since they allow you to work in several. I think these programs are designed to help alleviate some of that "shock" of transitioning from student to nurse and allow you to get some feedback like you are used to in the school setting. I also think if you have a chance to try a few areas and find one you like you will be a happier employee and everyone will benefit.

    Can't wait to hear opinions from people who have done this, or decided not to.