New grad pay rates?

  1. I recently attended a job fair and spoke to the local hospital about new grad hiring rates. They stated that "new grad" hiring rates were $14.00 per hour. When I asked if there was a difference between ADN and BSN I got an infatic "NO". This makes me question why I am going for my BSN when the pay scale doesn't pay for more education. Has anyone else run into this?
    By the way, I am not leaving LPN's out of this, but this hospital does not hire LPN's anywhere but long-term care.
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  3. by   delirium
    It doesn't make a difference here, either. I'm in an ADN program, but plan to get my BSN eventually... because its needed for management positions, and because although your hospital doesn't pay more, another one might, and many do.
    Also, education affords you a lot more than a greater salary in many cases.
    I plan on getting my BSN so that I'll have greater opportunity as a professional nurse, but I don't plan on going any higher than that.... I don't want to be in school forever.
    Here they start new grads at $19/hour.
    In my area, there is absolutely no pay difference between ADN's and BSN's. The difference is whether you plan on going into management.

    I personally did not go into nursing to shuffle paper, I got into it to be at the bedside. So my ADN works fine for me.

    And by the way, starting rates for new grads in my area is anywhere from $14-$16.


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  5. by   kennedyj
    I finished my BSN about 8 months ago on a 2 year military scholarship, paid 100% tuition, $1000 for books each year, and $30,000 per year salary. The military recognizes only BSN degrees. Although sometimes the military has downsides it has been good for me. They are also currently paying for my masters degree. I think this is the other benefit of a BSN - you can specialize as a practitioner.

    I graduated in colorado springs and there was no difference between ADN's and BSN's paywise. What you continue on afterwards is where you accel. There are benefits.
  6. by   panda_181

    I just have one 14 to 16 bucks and hour the usual in the States? I live in Alberta, and I know we have the highest payed nurses in Canada, but we start at about 22 as far as I know (I'm still a student so I don't exactly know). Actually, I just got hired on as an Undergraduate Nurse for 17. I know the dollar is worth less, but the living is the same...

    My sister used to work in South Dakota and she got paid about 13. But I thought nurses got paid higher in the States than that...or does it depend on where you go?

  7. by   shyviolet78
    I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and the starting pay for new grads here is about $16. I'm not sure how quickly pay increases or at what rate, but this was the number I got from two of the hospitals here. I am going for my BSN degree because of the opportunity for advancement and also to have an advantage in getting hired into a critical care area.
  8. by   mlvogt
    I was told by the new grads that new rns make between 18-22 dollars an hour I think the lower end of the scale is for people who take the internships after the internship they get boosted up in pay. I dont think that is a bad starting pay.

    And to the nurse from canada we have a ton of canadian nurses lots are agency but some are permanent, Im thinking the pay must be better.
  9. by   NurseTami
    I am a New Grad, making 17$ an hour. The nice thing is that I have been an LPN for 10 years, so when I pass State Boards, my pay goes up to a two year RN rate- isn't that generous? I work for one of the larger chains in Michigan- metro Detroit area.(Not DMC, though) I really like my new job! Tami
  10. by   Robin61970
    I'm not positive what it starts out here, I have heard 14-18? But an agency here pays 23 for new grads so who knows? As I said before though it's more than I was making and we can alwasy pray that it goes up!