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I was just wondering if I could ask other moms' a question. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm due Febuary 10th. And I also have a 3yr old at home. I've decided that I want to be an RN, and... Read More

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    Originally posted by Rena RN 2003

    or do you think that children can survive without having you there for a few hours a day?
    You may physically be away for a few hours...but the homework and reading will keep you busy well beyond those few hours. It takes dedication to do cannot simply attend class and memorize information. Think long and hard...husbands and children feel very neglected after a few months of unwashed clothes and TV dinners!!!
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    Originally posted by TeresaRN2b
    I am pregnant now due in late April. I am going back in January and planning to take the summer off and go back again in August. I see no reason you can't go back in the August term. And I disagree with the posts above about waiting till you're ready to put your kids in daycare. My kids have not had to go to daycare yet. You very well may need to look into it, but you can start working on prereqs during nights and weekends during the Fall term until you would need to go full time. I wouldn't go back full time your first semester I would start part time in the fall and see how you feel and if you're up to it try full time in January. That being said you might be able to even squeeze in an online class over the summer if you think you're up to it. I know this can be done! I went fall of 2001 when my daughter was 4 months old. I took two classes. I took this past year off because the school I had been attending wasn't going to work for me and I had to research to find one that had a part time option (very hard to find by the way). I also am proud to say that I breastfed exclusively and still pulled off a good GPA. It can be done.

    Pre-req's are one thing...but nursing courses are another. I have never heard of part time nursing classes. Teresa, you must have had a lot of help if your kids never went to daycare?
    And what does breastfeeding have to do with your GPA????