neurological assessment

  1. how do you do a neurological assessment for a one year old child?
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  3. by   GingerSue
    in my children's health textbook (James, Ashwill and Droske), in the chapter on Physical Assessment of Children - for children under age 5 years, neurologic functioning is best evaluated by using the Denver II.
    Testing cerebral function, cranial nerves, and cerebellar function gives a picture of nervous system functioning above the spinal cord. The child's age and development determine the sequence of the neurologic exam. The infant and younger child are not able to cooperate with neurologic exam.

    Their headings include: Cerebral Function, Cranial Nerves, Cerebellar Function, Motor System, Sensory System, Reflex Status and Neurologic "Soft" Signs

    - about neuro soft signs (inability to perform certain activities related to the child's age that provide clues to an underlying central nervous system deficit or neurologic maturation delay).
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