NET test HELP.

  1. Hello everyone I'm new and i just want to know if anyone can tell me how to prep for my NET test? Is it hard? And is there a site or a book that can really help me out? I will be taking the test in about a month. Thank You.
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  3. by   tntech1
    ERI world has an excellent study guide. The test is pretty easy. Basic math and reading.
  4. by   flygirls2
    My school gave me a study guide for the test. I didn't have any trouble with it, but half of the people who were taking it with me where on their 2nd attempt.
  5. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I just took the Net this evening, and like previous posters, get the study guide from ERI world. If you know basic math and reading, it should be okay. I did have to retake the test, simply because my school used a new version this semester. I had passed the 1st time, but a lot of people didn't and were taking it again. I made 92% on it, and I am NOT at all good in math.