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  1. Hi Everybody!

    I am new to allnurses. I will be taking my Net exam on December 16 (Houston, Tx). I am preparing for the exam right now and wanted to see if anyone has any tips or advice.

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  3. by   hercsp
    I hate standardized tests with a passion. I bought the NET study guide book. It helped a tremendous amount to me. It will help an incredible amount with the math as well as reading. The biggest issue for me was time on the reading.
  4. by   collegebound
    I also bought a study guide and it helped me. It seems like everyone I talk to had more trouble on the reading than the math. So get a guide and take the practice tests. (Mine had three practice tests and I got better with each one) Good Luck!
  5. by   tntech1
    Buy the study guide from ERI world or maybe the school you are trying to attend sells the recommend study guide. Hopes this helps.