Nervous system

  1. Can someone help me with remembering the nervous system like a mnemonic or something?

    I need a easy way of remembering it, as I have an exam on Monday and have been looking for examples though.
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    I mean, the nervous system is very large. What parts are you trying to remember via a mnemonic?
  4. by   PrereqTaker89
    Cranial nerves? Parasympathetic Vs sympathetic nervous system? Plexuses?
  5. by   Rionoir
    Before Saturday would've been a good time to worry about this though, just sayin
  6. by   Squarepants
    Action potentials
  7. by   Squarepants
    action potential in neurons and muscle fibers
  8. by   AnnieNP
    YouTube has some clever pneumonics