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  1. I am going to start nursing school next month. I graduated with my BS 4 years ago and have not worked or gone to school since. I have a 4 year old son and am pregnant (1st trimester). I am enthusiastic and a little nervous about going back to school. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? I would appreciate it. Thanks!!
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  3. by   KR
    Hi! Congrats on making the decision to go back to school for nursing. I am a nursing student in a 2 yr ADN program with one semester and a finals week to go. Some words of wisdom that people have told me include taking it one day at a time. I think attitude and positive thinking go along ways. If you tell yourself that you will survive and you will make it. Then, I feel half the battle is won. Also, I found that it is helpful to review the readings before you go to class. There are some NCLEX books out there that have summaries of each system. This helped me out a lot. Another thing is that if you have any questions find a prof or another student that can help answer them. I have found that it is helpful to study in groups for the test, because someone may be able to better explain it then you can. Lastly, make sure you take time to do something you like occassionaly. This is sometimes hard to do. Well best of luck to you Keep us updated on how it goes.
    Kim Rush