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    I am a BSN student ending my junior year. I've been really thinking about grad school lately because it has always been my plan to become a nurse practitioner, I am thinking that I want to go into a family nurse practitioner program. What kind of floor would be best to do my preceptorship in next year? Originally, I thought that I wanted to go into critical care but I'm not sure if that would be best for me if I want to be a FNP. I also thought about being an acute care nurse practitioner but now I am not sure which would be best. Does anyone have any insight to give me? Thanks
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  3. by   RNMeg
    The advice given to me when choosing my preceptorship floor was to choose the floor I thought would best prepare me to take and pass NCLEX. While it is important to look ahead to grad school, I don't think your preceptorship is going to make much difference there. What's more important is your job after school. My advice is to choose an area that interests you and will help you pass NCLEX.