Need help with Nanda's

  1. I have several NANDA's I need to prioritize for my Major Care Plan in Psych. I have them in this order:
    Risk for violence(self directed)
    Altered Nutrition:less than body requirements
    Disturbed Thought Processes
    Ineffective Coping
    Social Isolation
    Knowledge Deficit re: medication regimen.

    What do you think am I on track here? Thanks
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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi Mel,
    Can you add the R/T and AEB?
  4. by   Daytonite
    First off, "Risk for" diagnoses should never be made a priority because they are about problems that don't even exist. Deal with problems that exist first. Prioritizing according to Maslow, these should be in this order:
    1. Altered Nutrition: less than body requirements (physiologic need)
    2. Disturbed Thought Processes (physiologic need)
    3. Knowledge Deficit re: medication regimen (safety/security need)
    4. Ineffective Coping (love and belonging need)
    5. Social Isolation (love and belonging need)
    6. Risk for violence(self directed)