Need help with dietary teaching ethics

  1. If you have a phillipino patient with type2 DM, who wants you to give her dietary instructions, what is the best thing to do? From the Rn perspective?

    Is it appropriate to just shoot her a nutrition video? give her some lit. on food prep, or ask if she could wait for an RD with phillipino literature??

    I am a total egnoramus when it comes to ethics and phil. Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   CarVsTree
    Are you asking an ethical question or a ethnicity/cultural question?

    It it is cultural, ask the pt. which she would prefer. If she is very Americanized she may do just find with the standard teaching. If she cooks only Filipino ethnic foods, than she will benefit from teaching that is centered around the cooking/eating she is used to.
  4. by   alexlynk
    I guess I'm asking whether she'll learn anything from an American source, and if its actually worth it giving her standard pamphlet info. I've been around some phillipinos, they tend to have their own ideas of nutrition, so, I guess in a way I'm answering my own question, I think a private session with an RD would be best.