need help;sexuality in elderly patients

  1. Tough topic....I did "sexuality in the elderly" last semester. In our class, we didn't think it was a priority. Since it is hard for younger people to imagine sick people in our grandparents age group needing sex! In school, they really stress the importance of sexuality in the elderly!!
    I have my class notes and my geriatric text book, called "Gerontological Nursing" 4th edition, by Eliopoulos.

    I will be a geriatric nurse when I graduate in if you get any info, pass it on.

    Is this patient married???
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  3. by   janine3&5
    The patient was widowed several years ago. I took care of her while she was in the MICU a few days before she died. Spent her last few weeks in the hospital on a vent. I think I can safely assume that her sexuality wasn't a big priority for her, considering....!I know that nurses are supposed to look at all aspects of the individual, but GEEZ!

    (congratulations on your upcoming graduation, I'm in May too!YAY!)
  4. by   Genista
    Hello! I saw your post and it caught my attention. Today @ work a 73 year old woman patient introduced me to her charming 80-something year old "new husband." Yes, can you believe it- they were newlyweds! They have been married only a few weeks! :~)

    Please be careful not to make ageist assumptions.(Though, I admit...I have been known to do it, too). We shouldn't assume sexuality is not important, merely based on a person's age. Sexuality is part of a person, just like anything else. It will be more important to some than others. I am pleasantly surprised to see 80-something year olds flirting openly w/ each other from time, to time @ my work. It's part of living, I believe. Here are two links w/ info about sexuality & aging. You might want to check out the interesting stats. You may be surprised!Good luck w/ your assignment.


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  5. by   janine3&5
    I'm working on a care study on a 79 y/o F pt with multi-system dysfunction--lots of chronic illnesses. Doing okay on everything except the required section on sexuality/reproduction which must be included no matter what the pt's condition. I've written about altered self image, feelings of self worth. There's not really anything else I've thought about that's applicable to this pt, so this area needs a bit more. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. by   janine3&5
    I checked out the first article-it was great and brought up a lot that I hadn't considered, esp. about nursing homes and sexuality. I know that I'm guilty of making assumptions in this area- hopefully now I'll keep my eyes open a little wider!
    There were also some points applicable to my patient, that I'll be able to use on this paper.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to help.
  7. by   res04lly
    It's a tough area but sexuality issues in the elderly is a prime issue. My 79 year old mother-in-law just moved her 80 something boyfriend in to her place and it was a big issue besides the companionship issues. Never assume they are not active because they are. It's hard to imagine it but i have also seen in the nursing homes when a wife has asked for some private time with her husband, you can be assured that they are intimate and privacy is to be guarded.You could try typing in the search area- sexuality issues of the elderly- it could possibly take you to a few sites. or try issues of sexual disfunction in the elderly. you may get a few sites that way also. Hope this helps