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  1. Hi there Im a Newbie. I have a problem. Im still a student nurse, we have a thesis making. well, if someone could give me a site or a sample thesis. I havent started anything yet. My topic is about the effectivity of contraceptives. I need a guide. Thank you very much
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  3. by   supermom27
    A thesis is a statement of what you believe and how you intend to prove it. Your thesis statement should be a clear and strong statement of what your research has led you to believe and the rest of the body of the paper is where you set out to outline facts that your research has provided which backs up your thesis statement. Do your research first on how effective contraceptives are and it will lead you to your statement (i.e "When properly used contraceptives can be highly effective which makes the job of teaching the client of the correct way to use them so important.....) Or something to that effect and it is usually found at the end of your opening paragraph. There are alot of sites on the web, I'm sure and I'll try to scope some out for you.