Nearly finished school, but need inspiration!

  1. Hi, my name is Trish, I am a Student Division 2 Nurse from Melbourne Australia. You know, when I started college early in 2000, I had the greatest inspirations for learning from my lecturers. Now..... the lecturers have gone, new lecturers have replaced most of the good ones I really need some inspiration. College finishes in August 2001. HELP!!!!!! Please email me on:
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Hi Trish, I call this the stage of "You must have mistaken me for someone who CARED!" and I am happy to report that it does pass, but it generally signals that you are a little burned out with the educational process. As with all burn out processes, the key is self care. And of course, since you are so close to the end (August is 3 or 4 months away, depending on which end of August you are talking about) you "tie a knot and hang on."

    Tying the knot and hanging on, means that you keep hanging in there and doing your homework, but you may want to evaluate whether you have been too perfectionistic with yourself. If your standard has been all A's, can you allow yourself to experience having a B? You may be able to take some pressure off of yourself that way. Try to reward yourself with an hour or two of what you want to do a weekend or two a month. Read a book, go to a movie. Go for a walk. Make sure that some of your fun activities are life affirming (exercise, mediation, walks). Caretakers must learn to take care of themselves.

    Remind yourself that 3 months is not very long. Three months is 90 days. Take full credit for having gotten this far. When you started out, the goal was 24 or 36 months (or whatever it was) and now you have slogged your way through the most of it and you can pat yourself on the back for that. Look at your self growth and the growth of your knowledge base. You have come a long way. You are not the fresh faced eager person who started school. You are older and wiser and you have a few more dings (dents in your fender, so to speak). You have been confronted with one of the central truths of life or the human condition. People suffer and they die. Especially if you are young, this may be the first time you thought about it, much less saw so much of it. These are truths alot of people don't thing about until they are forced to and nurses do it pretty young.

    Over 22 years ago, when I was in nursing school, my high school buddies were in college, taking trips, being in plays and programs and having an awful lot of fun. Nursing school is/was so intense that, even though I laughed and had fun, there was no time for extra-curricular activities. Sometimes my life felt narrow, concentrated and a little flat. This can translate over into your practice life if you don't take good care of yourself after graduation, but I think it is a necessary condition of being in a rigorous course of study right now. That's why it is so necessary to schedule some fun time for yourself.

    Celebrate your accomplishments to date and move forward one day at a time. Good luck.
  4. by   jldella99
    Molly, those were wonderful words you wrote! I too am a nursing student & struggle with how everything in my life is nursing, nursing, nursing. Thanks for the inspiration! Hang in there Trish! I'm right there with ya.
  5. by   mustangsheba
    It's so hard, isn't it? I found that the task of typing my notes, every single night when I got home was the one thing that kept me focused and feeling like I had accomplished something for the day. One day at a time. One day at a time. One step closer to your goal. You won't be sorry once you get there. Keep on truckin.
  6. by   RNDiv2
    I would just like to thank all three of my respondents so far! Yes you are right, I do feel a little burnt out, and funnily enough I completed an assignment on this subject last year 2000. You are right I am used to getting A's and B's, so maybe I will allow myself this one exam coming up to aim for a B. And yes I will hang in there and take one day at a time, although at this stage, I am counting down the weeks and there are 12 college weeks, 2weeks of school holidays, and 3 weeks of clinicals. I really am looking forward to graduation!!!
    Thankyou again for the encouragment!!