NCLEX Test & Chemistry

  1. Does anyone know if the NCLEX test has lots of math and chemistry. I am applying to a school that does not need chemistry. The two classes I have left before transferring is Chemistry and Physio, but I think I can go straight to physio without Chemistry.

    However if the TEAS and NCLEX have chemistry and math, I will start from the beginning and strengthen up the algebra, take chem and physio.
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  3. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    The NCLEX is based upon what you have learned in your nursing courses, not your prereq courses. The TEAS exam has both a science and math section. As far as I know, most programs require Anat and Physio as prereqs to get into the nursing courses. I would speak to a counselor at the school you're transfering to in order to create a plan of action.