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  1. Hi, everyone I started school last week and I have 18 credit hours, Human nutrition, Western Civilzation 2, American history 2, Human lifespan development and Microbiolgy. I also am almost 21 years old, 4 months away and a single mom of a little girl who is almost 3 and I work 18 hours a week Mon, wed,and fri and I am off 2 days a week not including saturday and sunday, but I live at home with my mom and dad and they are exteremely supportive and help me out with my daughter so I can study at times when I am not at school and have free time The only class I am worried about is Mircobiology, I forgot some of the chemistry and I am worried that my chemistry skills will affect my microbiology class, I received a C in chemistry. Not only am I worried about the chemistry needed for micro but I am worried about those big words, how can I get a better vocabulary for Micro, anyone that has had microbiology study tips that you had and how you manage to do well or even simply past will greatly be appreciated, has anyone used the Microbiology Coloring book, I heard is great but I want input from nursing students who has used the book ANY helpful information will be more than appreciated and you can e-mail me at peaceful2100@aol.com

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