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  1. hi everyone i was wondering if anybody knows anything about microbiology and having to do an unknown. We are doing this in class and we have to write out a flowchart based on if your gram stain is neg or positive and then you have to go thru different steps to find out which "bug" it is. I don't understand how to do a flowchart if anyone has any advice or examples please help thank you so much
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    If you have microsoft publisher, I can absolutely help! I have a dicot-key for finding microbiological unknowns. It might really help you figure out which direction to go. (Besides, it took me over 12 hours, so I might as well share my work with someone)

    It is in microsoft publisher format, and I will email it to you if you would like.

    Just let me know
  4. by   MRed94
    I, too, have one, printed out by the instructor, and would by happy to share it.

    Lemme know.

  5. by   gabby20
    thanks brandy and MRed94 I emailed both of you with my email address thanks so much for your help I'm really excited to take a look at what you have.