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  1. Hey fellow NS,

    I'm about to enter my med-surg semester in a ADN program this fall. I'm expecting my first child two weeks before school begins and I'm working part time. I've heard so many horror stories of the workload and unbelievable energy that is involved in this semester. I'm very nervouse and full of doubt as far as my success is concerned with all of the "loads" that I have to carry. PLEASE, if the med-surg graduates could give me some advice/opinions on what I should do, I would be most appreciative.

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  3. by   dcuson
    Med-surg can be very difficult if you take study time for granted. Sounds like you will be busy with a new one on the way (congrats!). I would say that when you read the material, don't read every word. Try to get a grasp on concepts and try to understand how and why things go together as they do. If you understand how things work, it's a lot easier to answer a question than if you just memorize a fact. Take time out for you and time out for your baby. Make sure those times are separate. That's about all I can say. It's definately hard, but DEFINATELY doable. And remember C=RN. Don't stess about A's because not many people get them! Good luck!
  4. by   ltm
    i can understand your concerns about med surg. i have just graduated from a bsn program and i can honestly say that it was the most challenging course of the curriculum. it is the basis of all nursing and is related to everything. the best thing to do is stay on top of your readings and begin reviewing a mosbys nclex book for help with test questions. i just took boards on 5-31-00 and using my medsurg knowledge was truly helpful. don't worry, you will do fine and congratulations on the addition to your family. i took medsurg when my little girl was 3 and i can tell you it can be tough, but it can be successfully done. once again best of luck.

  5. by   Newnurse
    My Med-Surg semester was really intense in the ADN program I graduated from. Not only was there tons of curriculum to learn, but almost all common nursing skills (IV,suctioning,NG, catherization,IM, SQ, etc.)are taught and skill tested, and there are alot of clinical hours put in. Its gonna be tough, especially with a newborn, but you can do it. I worked full time, 6 days a week and went to school evenings, and took care of a family. My advice is not to dwell on it, just DO IT. At times you will feel overwhelmed, but just get through that day/week and you'll get it together again. One day at a time can be a good way to look at it. By the way, I had a woman in my program that had a baby during the Med Surg semester, and another baby during the last semester (only one semester between) as well as working days!
  6. by   biscuit
    Can anyone tell me as a new student,if i'm able to work full time and go to school full time? have not started as of yet planning to start in the fall.Going for 2yr program first.

    Desperately seeking advise!!!!