Master's Entry or Bachelor's Track Accelerated Program?

  1. I have spent the last 4 months working in direct patient care and realized very quickly that I do not want to be a floor nurse forever and that I need to continue beyond RN no matter what. I have shadowed various NP's and I am leaning that direction over CRNA. So, the question that my mind has been tripping over for the past month is this; do I go back for an ABSN and then specialize, after working for 1-2 years, in a Master's or Doctorate... or go with a Direct Entry Program(MEPN) that gets me started down that path immediately following the BSN portion? Thanks for your time!
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  3. by   gumby1411
    What are the pros/cons of each?

    I'm in an ABSN program right now and plan to apply for grad school in the next month. I'm not familiar with direct entry programs.

    Are you planning on heading straight to grad school after you get your BSN? Do you know what you'd like to specialize in for your master's program? At my school, they have 15 different master's programs for nursing. I had to get into nursing school and clinicals a little bit to figure out which program I'd like to apply to.

    Sorry, I'm not sure I helped at all.