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  1. I friends I am a junior nursing student and I have a presentation to do on "MEN IN NURSING" if anyone can help me with information or websites that would be appreciated. Please reply quickly. Thanks again!!
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  3. by   Genista
    Here are two articles to get you started:

    I found these by typing in "men in nursing" or "male nurses" on an internet search engine.Please remember the best info can be found at your own school library.Ask your reference librarian if you need help.Good luck.

  4. by   nurshathaway
    Besides the links given for written information, I would also suggest that you talk with other male nurses.

    My previous supervisor (I was in medical secretary) is an RN and program coordinator of an Adult Psychiatry Continuing Day Program. Having worked with him this past four years have given me an enormous sense of respect for nurses, male and female.

    I would still be working with him if I didn't decide to go back to school towards nursing. Maybe one day, I'll be able to work with him again as a nurse. First appearances, he was a "gruff" sort of guy but the caring he showed to his patients was wonderful to watch.