male clinical attire

  1. I was just wondering, I will start my clinicals next semester.
    what attire do the male students wear in clinicals? Scrubs, tie and shirt? thanks-
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  3. by   GPatty
    Our male students wear the same uniform as we do. Except the women wear a white button up shirt, and a vest, and the men wear a zip up front shirt/vest combination.

    Good Luck to you!

  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    we wear white scrubs with dark blue aprons.

    the guys wear what scrub pants and dark blue scrub tops.
  5. by   trishaLVN
    Our nursing school decided to go with the traditional ALL white scrubs for the males and females during clinicals--seeing as how the print scrubs are more popular.....
    shirt and tie?? LOL
  6. by   Groovydogg
    I had to wear white pants and one of two colored polo shirts. teal or dark blue. It was kind of a uniform.
  7. by   bassbird
    The guys in our program wore the same as the women. White polo shirts with the school name embroidered on, and white pant and shoes.