LPN to RN online options

  1. I am 52 years old and got my lpn license in sept. '08. currently working as an lpn in ltc. i started in the rn program but decided to stop at the lpn level because i was just so sick of nursing school( some instructors whose joy in life is to make yours miserable)and the need to begin having an income again. now i am considering continuing my education to the rn level but need to work to pay off the credit card and school loan debt i have accumulated and pay my regular monthly bills( rent, food, power, etc.) i could but do not want to go back to my local community college. does anyone out there know of an accredited online program with no further clinicals and no requirement ( like The College Network has) to take nursing classes you have had over again? I live in SC and was an A-B student when i was in school. Please help by sharing if you know of such a program!!!:typing
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