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  1. I am a 1st trimester student nurse in Edinburgh,Scotland. In Sept. 2002 I have to do what is called an elective placement. This is one that I choose where to go and can do this anywhere in the world. I am hoping to go somewhere nice, probably somewhere in the US. If anyone out there knows of any hospitals who would take me for the 6 weeks I would be grateful for any information you could send. It has to be somewhere that the cost of living is not too high though as I have to fund this myself. I am interested in ER, Trauma, High Dependance or any field of surgery. I would also like to here from other student nurses, especially in the US to compare nursing programs. My e.mail address is listed if anyone wants to contact me and I will reply to all of these.

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  3. by   fergus51
    I am in Canada so I can't give you specific names, but have you tried organizing your practicum through an american university? It may be easier than contacting a hospital directly (It's how I did an overseas placement).
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Try the big teaching hospitals here...Hopkins, Northwestern, Mayo Clinic, Duke, Emory...places like that are usually very willing to take on a student. They all have websites...try contacting someone in nursing education and/or nurse recruitment at those various hospitals.