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  1. Hi, I am a 3rd yr nursing student and mother of four, well worn(out)still standing,and on auto pilot. I would like to communicate with other students in simular circumstances, and see the other half live.
    Regards icu93
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  3. by   cheri2

    I have three kids under 5 and two of which are twins..and a hubby finishing up his bachelors degree. life is anything but normal. I am in my second going on third semester...(how time flies). I love every bit of the madness. i cannot wait for clinicals to that is when the pure insanity begins.

    you can email me anytime...I can surely relate. The other day..a friend of mine and me were discussing who has it rougher..her or I. She has older kids and I have younger kids. I say..both are equally stressful. But I think she has more to worry about since her kids are old enough to go places on their own. At least mine I can still keep track of and get sitters for and not have one more thing on my mind when I leave the house.

    Well, hope to hear from you.