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  1. I hate making learning plans. I don't know what to make my objective about. I'm currently on a palliative care and cancer unit at the hospital and am stumped as to an objective.
    My tutor says it can be about anything I want, anyone got some interesting ideas?
    Much appreciated!
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  3. by   jennifer jane
    Hey there well i am a nursing student from the UK and i dont know if this will be of any importance or even relevant.
    When i was placed on a childrens oncology ward i had to complete a portfolio, this included 6 essays which covered philosophy of care on the ward(was this followed or did it need changed), also the system in the UK seems to fail childrens who are terminally ill with cancer as there are so little hospices especially for children. One of my essays covered alternative and non-invasive methods and therapies.
    Your onjective could be as simple as to whether or not the ward and the systematic approach it uses is effective or does it need changed and if so how.
    Oh well i warned you this may not be any use but have fun.
  4. by   StudentSarah
    thanks Jennifer Jane!
    That sounds like a neat topic. Really interesting.