Last Day at a Placement

  1. Have you ever had a last day like I had at a placement?

    I have just finnished a placement at a lovely nursing home for young disabled and elderly. The staff there were fantastic, always on the lookout for a joke.
    Unfortunately on the 16th feb the joke was me! My last day. They had saved all the left-overs from lunch and dinner plus a few extra smelly things like mint, tomato and brown sauce, gravy, custard and sausages, carrots, cauliflower.

    They asked a resident to pretend to need help in a showeroom (where there was a toilet). In walked I and no sooner had I turned around I was covered first in shaving foam, took off my glasses and wiped my face. I was then covered in the most horrible smelly mess (of which I have mentioned above).

    I understand they like me at the home and have asked me to go back and see them. I must admit I can take a joke and laughed all night and the next day. The smell in my nose has nearly gone now and I'm due to start another placement in two days. (Hope it's not so friendly, Ha!)
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