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Last clinical

  1. We just finished our last clinical today. I am soooo happy Two more exams and I am done with first yr and one more to go!!!whoohoo!!!!!!congratulations to all!!!!!
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  3. by   moni rn
    Yeah!!!!! Your clinicals are done!

    Good Luck on your last 2 exams!
  4. by   eventsnyc

    I wish you lots of success in the rest of your exams. Best wishes, Christina
  5. by   NurseStudentFall01
    Congratulations!!!! I know you've worked hard, so be proud of yourself! Good luck on your exams!
  6. by   CEN35
    Good job Jan, and Good Luck!

  7. by   janleb
    Thank for all the feedback. It is really nice to have a place to come and either vent or let loose. Especially with those who are right there with you in the same boat
  8. by   lalajenn
    Congrats!! I am looking forward to going to clinicals. I will be starting nursing school in August.
  9. by   janleb
    Hi Jen,
    I had a wonderful and busy time first yr. I learned so much, I didn't realize how clueless I really was, and what a constant lifelong learning experience it is. Just show confidence, be prepared and have fun. Good Luck to you!!!!!Janice
  10. by   shyviolet78
    Congrats!! Good luck on your tests!!