Kent State Univ - Main Campus or Geauga?

  1. I'm a new pre-nursing major working hard to finish off the 4 pre-req's to then hopefully be accepted into the accelerated program.

    I graduated 16 years ago and now am entering into the field of nursing! LOL! I still can't believe it and am excited!

    Wondering if there are any other people like me out there?

    Either a new student or an old student going back to school to become a nurse?
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  3. by   masondoggy
    Well, I don't know if I "count" or not, lol, but I'm sort of an old student going back. I took a break from nursing school about five years ago after having a baby. Now I'm returning this fall to get it done (will it ever be done? ). I'll be at main campus.
  4. by   notthereyet0
    Main campus is so big and the regional campuses have the advantage of smaller class ratios, lower tuition, and maybe shorter commutes. You also don't have to pay to park and walk all over Timbuktu. So I guess there are benefits to small and intimate. You also get to know the students and faculty better.