just starting

  1. so happy to be accepted in my first year of nursing. petition ing and prereqs done:-) working on first health assessment. i know it sounds dorky and I'm fresh behind the ears but still exciting :-)
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Welcome to the profession. Work hard and be smart. We need you out here.
  4. by   sbarly
    awesomeee! I just graduate MSN from UoP..it's a great feeling when you enroll AND graduate..you will love it!
  5. by   malenurse354
    That's great!keep your spirit up...there will be a lot of hurdles and challenges along the way, but for sure you're going to make it! The best of luck for you!!!!
  6. by   makayleefusion360
    Good luck! It's an amazing profession to be in.
  7. by   housesoap
    thanks...you guy sare so nice
  8. by   housesoap
    thanks...you guys are so nice