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  1. Any body know of a website that has photos of IV infiltrations, extravasations, phlebitis, cellulitis, etc. I am trying to picture these cause the s/sx are somewhat similar and I want to know if they look different from one another. Am having trouble picturing the differences when just reading about them in a book.


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  3. by   NYERRN
    Go to New York Emergency Room's Medical Pictures and Images section at: http://www.nyerrn.com/2/p/index.htm

    It's an extensive online collection of medical images, and photographs.
  4. by   catch33er
    Darn, the page isn't working. It looks great!
  5. by   OBNurseShelley
    what a great site! thanks
  6. by   mspringer
    Yes, I concure.......Awesome link......Thanks......NYERRN