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Hi everyone: I just needed to share this story with you. My friend who is also a nursing student was doing her biology in a public place. Along came this gal who asked what her major was. My... Read More

  1. by   client
    I am so saddened when I hear that some nurses can make it so uncomfortable for others, especially those who are new to our ranks. I have been in this profession for 23 years and have found that one thing that we as nurses do not do well is take care of ourselves and each other. We give, and give, and give, but rarely take the time to nurture and fill ourselves. We very rarely have enough left to support one another as we should given the very strenuous, demanding nature of nursing. Many nurses who have entered the profession, often have done so because they needed to be needed. And nursing is a place where they are needed. However, the more we give and the less we take care of ourselves and our own, the crankier, bitchier, and more angry we can become. We must, as a group, learn to fill our own needs and help others in the profession with theirs. We must establish boundaries even with our patients. I always try to remember that if my needs are not being met, I cannot meet those of someone else. It is only when I begin to set some appropriate boundaries, take care of myself, that I can give freely to others and not feel as if I am a victim or take the role as a martyr. It is up to us. We must teach others that we have boundaries, that we need to be treated with respect, and that we must ultimately take care of ourselves.
  2. by   san43
    I am a student nurse in the UK, it's not too much different here either. some nurses totally ignore us, others treat us like second class citizens and then you've got the ones that really are supportive. i've often wondered if it's all worth it and if i want to work with some of these people but then i remind myself that if i give up now i've wasted two years already!