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Ok so I have an instructor who pulled another student aside last week to ask her how she would help her pt. to void. She told him she would run the faucet and force fluids. The instructor then took... Read More

  1. by   emllpn2006
    I dont know if it really works to stimulate voiding or not but we were told that if you gently pulled a pubic hair after cleaning the meatus with betadine that it would make the opening to the uretha blink making it easier to insert a cath. No one ever tried doing this it was just mentioned by our instructor when we were learning to insert foleys. I took it to mean not hard enough to actually pull out the hair but just very gently.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    EMLLPN - I've never heard of this! Can you ask your instructor what the source of this information is???

    There is NO reason to pull pubic hair when inserting a foley! What are these poor students being taught?
  3. by   jodyangel
    Wow. I'm actually very surprized that a few people thought the pube pulling was appropriate in ANY situation. I've been a nurse for a long time, and have started lots of foleys and find it very hard to believe any nursing student is teaching this technique to their students.
    I'm glad for the responses, because I'm convinced its Absolutely necessary for this woman to report this comment. I'm not easily shaken, but this is just eating away at me. I honestly don't think he's got all his marbles. He might be very intelligent, but has no sence of how to speak to female students.

    Here is another example of his strange ways...
    I had a patient in clinical that was having runny stools. The doctor decided to run the gament of stool tests on her. When I told the instructor, he said I would have to gown, glove and mask up..have a fellow student help me turn her on her side with a 45 degree angle, have a sterile container ready...and Catch the stool when it came out without contaminating it. What???? OH. And he said to stimulate her rectum with my finger so the stool would come on command.
    In all my years as an LPN I have never heard of such crap..parden me LOL. I did speak of this to my other teachers and they thought that was very strange.."stool is Not don't need to go to those lengths".

    Another point. The "young" Lpns feel very uncomfortable with the fact that he always puts his hand on the small of their backs when talking with them while looking at a chart ect. I agreeded with them. There is no reason for this, and he should know better. He is a male with an all female clinical class. What the heck is this man thinking??!!!!
  4. by   sanctuary
    Let's see, a sterile stool catch... Gown up, mask and gloves, and stick your non-sterile finger...nah, it will never be sterile, no matter what you put on. Use the "hat" or a bed pan. Simpleton instructor. He needs to be brought to the Deans attention. I like the idea of bringing up the pubic hair-pull in post conference, but it seems that others have at least heard of it. Is it a regional thing? It ain't taught on the west coast, that I know of.
  5. by   jodyangel
    Exactly. I just wrote an email to my 2 female nursing instructors. Telling them everything.

    I hope I did the right thing!!
  6. by   nerdtonurse?
    The question isn't "what is he thinking?" it's "what is he thinking WITH?" Especially if there are a lot of young women straight out of high school in the program, they need to have training on how to deal with harassment in the workplace, not experience it in the classroom. All he's doing is programming young nurses to accept that kind of behavior as "normal."
  7. by   Lady_in_red
    I remember this because I thought it was a strange thing to do, too. It was from either the Nursing Fundamentals or Health Assessment class that I heard it. I'll see what I can find for references (if there are any! Considering hardly anyone else has heard of it...) and post back.
  8. by   Lady_in_red
    i found a few things on this.
    pulling on the pubic hair is one of the techniques used in triggered reflex voiding. however, there has been some concerns about the techniques. if the patient has a high bladder pressure, the urine could reflux back into the kidneys. (page 4 of the following pdf)
    the technique should only be used with "patients whose situation has proved to be urodynamically safe and stable" (rigby, d. p.62 or 6 in the following pdf file)
  9. by   jodyangel
    I would never do it. Sorry but if you can't pee for Me, then its a straight cath. No one misunderstands that method.
  10. by   michar
    I'm with the not appropriate group.

    As for doing it when inserting a cath, what hand are you using to 'gently tug'?

    My left hand has the labia open, my right hand is still sterile. If you let go with left hand, you have to clean again, if you tug with the right hand you break the sterile field there.

    This fits firmly in even if it works I don't think it's appropriate.
  11. by   jov
    Quote from Lady_in_red
    I don't think that pulling on the pubic hair is patient abuse-it's not supposed to be done to pain-but I wouldn't do it simply because it could be mistaken for abuse.

    how do you pull pubic hair NOT to pain?
  12. by   jodyangel
    I got to class yesterday. They fired him!! Our teacher just made an announcement that the women in his group would be reassigned. And that it was because there were some Very Inappropriate and that it was dealt with swiftly. And she said that we are like her children. She would protect us at all costs and that if anything like this would happen again that we should Know we can go to her.
  13. by   EricJRN
    Sounds like justice was served. Potentially helpful technique or not, the instructor definitely framed things the wrong way by making it so personal for the student.