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  1. I am new to the board and respect any advise you can give to me. I am 44 years of age,presently taking my pre-reqs toward a nursing degree of some kind. As I am not getting any younger and look forward to a quite a few good years of "giving back". I have always wanted to be a nurse and now I's going for it. As I would like to get the best possible degree to fulfill my freams, if I want to get into a specialty, do I need a BSN or can I obtain a AS degree and get certified in a special field? Interested in OR or neonatal?
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  3. by   ratchit
    Congrats and good luck in school!

    As making post-grad plans, you may want to wait and see what catches your interest in clinicals. You may hate OR but love pedi or home care. You can indeed (especially in this nursing crisis that won't end before you graduate) get into a specialty without a BSN. There is a very vocal discussion on this board debating whether a BSN is useful to a new grad at all. I personally have an ASN and am a travel nurse working in ICU.

    I would suggest keeping your eyes open in clinical, being friendly with nurse managers of the units you work in, and when you pass your boards contact them about a position. If you want to work in bedside of any sort, do a year of Med-Surg first to learn how to juggle everything you need to and tune your assessment skills. Then look for an orientation program into your chosen specialty. My ICU orient. was 4 months long with gradually increasing responsibilityl. I don't know if Med-Surg exp. would help you if you want to go into OR, but I would definitely advise it before getting into critical care.

    Best of luck!