IM inject w/o aspirating Question

  1. I was at a flu clinic and a fellow student injected into the deltoid without aspirating. When they pulled the needle out it started bleeding pretty good. I watched her do the land marks and thought she was in the right location but wasn't able to say anthing intime before she injected. What adverse affects are possible from doing this?
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    The rationale behind aspirating before injecting is to ensure that the medication enters the muscle, and not a vein or artery. ESPECIALLY if you have an "air-lock" bubble in the syringe. Sometimes the site just bleed excessively. The pt might have been on anticoagulants or just a highly vascular muscle. So...

    Possible adverse effects could include:
    Air embolism, hematoma, phlebitis, etc....

    Hope this helps!