I'm in trouble

  1. Last night was my first Microbiology class. The teacher gave us a pop chemistry quiz because he said that we need to know basic chemistry for this class. This test was to determine how much of this basic chemistry we knew. Well...I'm in trouble because I only got a few of the questions correct. Help! How much chemistry am I actually going to need in Microbiology? Our lecture was very interesting and I'm looking forward to learning more about microbes, etc., but I need your input. Is there anything I can do to refresh my chemistry knowledge (the little that I had back in high school; which was many years ago)? BTW: Chemistry was not listed as a pre-requisite for this course. Thanks!
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  3. by   delirium
    I actually haven't taken micro yet. Have you taken A&P I and II? There is some chemistry covered in A&P. I took three years of high school chem (but that was *several* years ago). There is one book I found very helpful, it is called an introduction to chemistry for biology students. See if they carry it in your college store. It helped me out a lot in zoology.
    Hope that helps?,
  4. by   MollyJ
    Sounds like the Micro teacher has an axe to grind and THINKS chem should be a pre-req Or maybe it is something else: who knows!

    Go talk to this guy/gal (teacher). See if they recommend something--a book like previous poster mentioned--or feel you should take Chem 101 first (if it is part of your pre-reqs) or if there is something you can do. You may find that your score was not so unusual. If their point is: "You should take Chem before you take my class" AND chemistry is not a required pre-req OR part of you plans maybe you need to chat with your advisor.

    As I remember, from nearly 25 years ago, the chemistry is micro is applied: ie certain bugs grow in preferred pH's and temps etc. Bugs can be classified as Gram stain pos or negative etc. To me, the greater challenge in micro was mastery of the brand new vocabulary and trying to sort through that mass of bugs (which has only grown in the past 25 years) to figure out which ones are the important ones.

    Good luck and get to know your class mates. You need allies in your pre-req classes.
  5. by   crnasomeday
    Chemistry for Micro? Oh puh-leeze. Not that you won't need a good sense of chem in other nursing related classes, but I can't remember a single thing in micro for which we needed to know chemistry. I agree with MollyJ...must be an axe to grind there.