I'm free tonight - Are you?

  1. dating-nursing-student-
  2. So much to learn with so little time - How is your dating life?

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  4. by   adice1414
    Haha story of my life
  5. by   angelabLPN
    lol this is the truth
  6. by   ivikatasha
    This is currently my life!
  7. by   EightySeven
    3 minutes is plenty ^_^
  8. by   katiebry1031
    hahaha i love it!
  9. by   GitanoRN
  10. by   crzychelz
    no kidding!!! Crazyness.
  11. by   penaheather
    3 minutes, i dont even get that much time to use the restroom. lol
  12. by   on eagles wings
    sigh lol
  13. by   PinkNBlue
    Gosh that is so true.
  14. by   GodsSon128
    man this is true and im only a pre-nursing student!
  15. by   kmitch
    Sad day! I was hoping to enjoy a couple more months of "free time" while working on prereqs. Guess it will be worth it in the end