Illinois Licence

  1. I sent in my paper work as well as my money and still have no licence! My classmates that have done the same already have theirs posted! Even folks that sent their info in after I did. I am so frustrated I can't see straight and I'm wondering if it will ever happen hate being in this state of limbo. I even called IDFPR and they are not nice people. Starting to regret getting my licence in Illinois. I'm so frustrated I'm supposed to start on the 5th. How long did it take your licence to post?
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  3. by   rbenoitRN
    UPDATE! ILLINOIS LOST MY STUFF! I am about three hours from Springfield and ended up driving them a money order so I wouldn't have to postpone my orientation any longer. So frustrated! But it ended up posting right away. I strongly advise if it is a feasible drive take it to them it'll post faster and no worries with them losing your info!