Ideas/options for mothers/fathers in school

  1. How do all the other students out there coordinate their time? I'm not coordinating very well. I feel as if I am always running and never getting anything done....anyone? I would welcome any suggestions or opinions...thanks
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  3. by   essarge

    I replied to you on the "summer school" BB, but just in case you miss it...two things come to mind.

    1. In order to organize yourself, get a calender with times/dates on it. Schedule your entire day (studying, eating, shopping etc) and post it on the fridge where everyone can see it. Let them know in no uncertain terms that if it says "studying" that unless they are dead or dying they are not to disturb you for anything. Shut the phone off during that time too.

    2. Look into an exchange day with your kids friends parents. take their kids on like a Friday (if you don't have any classes) or Saturday if you do ... and in exchange they take yours on a Wednesday. Now, when they take yours that is for school studying only....not catching up on the soaps, shopping or anything that doesn't have to do with school.

    Hope this helps!
    Good luck!
  4. by   Lauryn
    One thing I had to realize while in school with three little kids at home was to not sweat the small stuff. Your house for instance. My home used to be spic and span, but I just couldn't keep up with the housework like I used to, so I hired a cleaning lady to come every second week (a gift from my parents). Another thing I have done is to never let my school work interfere with my kids lives. For over a year, they didn't even know mommy was in school. (they are 5, 3, and 2 months). I would continue with their evening routine just like normal, and waited until they were in bed before I did my homework. I just found that keeping their schedual as intact and unchanged as possible, helped make things run a little smoother. There is no way you can do homework anyway, with the kids running why bother! Another suggestion....get everything ready the night before for the next day. I always have the kids clothes out on their dressers, the knapsacks packed, lunch made, and all my clothes and books ready for the next day. That way there is less stress in the mornings...especially if you are running late. Good luck to you.....just a few little adjustments could help aleviate some of the stress and help you coordinate your time. Cheers!
  5. by   janleb
    I have three young chidren, 11,8,4. I know after I am done with nursing school, I will look back and wonder how the heck I managed. I just finished my first year, and it was no easy feat. I would try to schedule family time, and study time. I would try to start studying in the early evening. This is the first year I made the kids help me around the house. My oldest son who is 11 is quite the cook, stir fry, sphaghetti, he can make just about anything and he likes to cook. My 8 yr old if the price is right he will clean like a pro. my study time usually starts at about 9pm. on days I don't go to school, I try to get up early before the kids get up and make coffee, toast and get the books out. I just can't wait, I get to do this one more yr. I try to prioritize,cleaning or the kids, my kids usually win hands down. My house is clean, just cluttered with care plans
  6. by   RN2Bn2003
    I too am a mother of a small one. What I found was after her bath I dress her in her short outfit that she is going to wear the next day. That way all I have to do is wake her up and put on her shoes and she is ready for preschool. In the winter months she would sleep in sweat suits. This saved me lots of time fighting with her in the morning. i also put everything I need in the car the night before. Yes my house is a wreck. You cannot even see the top of the dining room table, but since no one else will pick up it will just have to wait until I get around to it. I hate having a messy house. I know this is only short term. Anyway I have no time for company so it doesnt matter. I have a very supportive hubby which means alot. He even helps me with my studies. It may seem like a long dark tunnel but I know that there is a light at the end. Only two more years to go. I too study after everyone has gone to bed so I dont get much sleep. Generally about 5 hours a night. Good luck to you all.
  7. by   NurseAngie
    I'm so glad that I'm not the only mommy going back to school. I went to LPN school when my oldest was 5 and my youngest was 2. IT was hard, but I have a great husband. This time I'm on my own because hubby will be on sea duty (military), but the kids are now 9 and 6. We'll be okay. We can do this.