I want to correspond.

  1. Good afternoon, how do you do? I am a 24-year-old Male nurse. I graduated from nursing school this year. I was necessary for 5 years by becoming a nurse.
    I went to school, and acquired a qualification with working because it was disqualified though I wanted to go to nursing school of three years.
    Is there a case which even a foreign country is the same as? As for the nurse qualification acquisition abroad, I am not familiar.
    I want to work someday in a nature like Switzerland. But, it is thought to be difficult.
    It thinks that it is in the one that it wants to work abroad like me, others as well. Don't you do interchange by E-mail, the correspondence, and so on with me if it is good?
    As for me, the present is not a nursing student. But, after it graduates from nursing school, psychology has been studied in the university.
    Give me E-mail if it is interested. It is waiting for pleasure.
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